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Global Racing Oil’s introduction into the Australian market place could be considered to be in its infantile state buts its accepted presence around the globe has had an impact on those looking for or demanding high quality lubricants.  This acceptance extends from those at the top of their game in Motorcycle and Auto racing, Marine, Industrial, Agricultural, Commercial, Heavy Industry and general commuters alike.
One of the main reasons for this is the 100% European crude base oil is processed and blended by its mother company Cogelsa, who is heading towards 100 years of operation. Cogelsa is one of Europe most trusted lubricant producer’s with many name brand oils having their development, manufacture and packaging looked after by this historic lubrication specialist.

The trust that has been forged by the Cogelsa research and development department has seen GRO being implemented into the factory assembly lines and race teams of GAS GAS motorcycles and Metrakit motorcycle developments. The multiple world titles in Trials and Enduro have helped pave the way for other brands and race teams to put their trust in the GRO range of lubricants to protect their valuable investments under the most extreme conditions.

One of the world’s biggest tests for man and machine is the engine killing Dakar rally. In 2009 the GRO oiled GAS GAS made its way from beginning to end on one engine, a true indicator that the lubricants gave excellent protection when many other manufactures and teams required engine changes at every major service stop.
Not only have other motorcycle competitors engaged GRO’s reliability as a lubricant but also the Mitsubishi EVO of the power horse racing team competing in the  4x4 section of the Dakar rally. GRO also has gone the distance at the Lemans 24hr.

After lubricating, world, national and state titles in Trials, Enduro, Motocross, Rally and ATV quad racing, GRO finds itself also lubricating top Road Racing teams, Supermotard teams, Go karts, World Rally cars, team Lamborghini road race cars, Can Am cars, Speed cars and Compact speed cars. These teams spend 100’s of thousands of dollars on equipment and take their oil selection very seriously. There decision to rely on GRO is no gamble. GRO meeting and exceeding the standards set by the manufactures of the most expensive high performance cars and motorcycles in the world gives credibility to their choice of lubricant before their own independent testing indicates that the lubricants have met their specific requirements.

GRO’s popularity in Australia is certainly on the rise with wins by racing enthusiasts in Road racing, Enduro, Flat track, Trials, Speedway and Kart racing. General commuters are also gravitating to GRO’s expansive range of lubricants and service items which always offer something unique within the product range for their chosen mechanical requirement at an affordable cost!